Is Apple Implementing “Find My Mac” In OS X 10.7 Lion?

In a great piece of news today, it appears as if Apple is considering extending their phenomenal ‘Find My iPhone’ feature into the Mac in the next version of their OS X software, 10.7 Lion. According to the eagle-eyed chaps at 9to5Mac, a new feature referenced deep inside the 10.7 file system, surprisingly enough called FindMyMac, appears to indicate that users will be able to remotely locate a stolen or missing Apple computer when Lion is released in the summer.

The ‘Find My iPhone’ feature first appeared as part of a MobileMe membership and was also available to users who wanted to find their iPad.  Recently, Apple made a great decision and started to offer the service free of charge.  If the ‘Find My Mac’ service does in fact get implemented, it is not clear yet if Apple would offer this service free of charge as well.

As 9to5Mac points out, Macs do not yet have GPS chips so the service would rely on triangulation through Wi-Fi connectivity which works pretty well.  We recently speculated that Apple may go as far as to place 4G chips in Macs in the future, reducing the reliance on Wi-Fi networks for mobile users, and this would only assist in the location of a Mac.

Additionally, Apple may also choose to implement a remote wipe feature which would allow users to not only locate a missing Mac but to securely wipe the hard drive (or SSD depending on your system).

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