iPad 2 Feature Backtracking Before March 2nd Launch

A new report by Engadget is indicating that some of the rumors that they have heard about the iPad 2 may, in fact, not be true. The site originally reported that the iPad 2 would sport an SD card slot and a Retina Display but that vague ‘engineering issues’ forced an 11th hour change in manufacturing that resulted in the iPad 2 having the same display as the first generation device and no SD card slot.  The rumors of an SD card slot and Retina Display were unlikely from the outset, so it’s not surprising that they have now been retracted. 

This backtracking by Engadget isn’t surprising (John Gruber posts a rather good analysis).  As we’ve speculated previously, the iPad 2 will be more of an incremental update rather than a full revamp of the iPad.  The original device is still light years ahead of the competition so there is no need for Apple to go crazy with specification and technology bumps just yet. 

However, assuming that Engadget received tips from legitimate sources, it’s likely that some disinformation has been leaked deliberately.  The chance that Apple would change both the casing and the display of the iPad 2 at the last minute is so remote that it simply cannot be true.  It would be too massive a change.

That said, Engadget has received information that the iPad 2 will include an A5 processor and 512MB RAM as well as a camera.  These speculations are obviously safer and far more likely.  The RAM upgrade is a given, simply because the iPhone 4 has 512MB of memory and it was actually surprising that the original iPad launched with half that amount.  The cameras are also a given especially since FaceTime has now come out of beta and Apple are looking to take on Skype.

The final point regarding the A5 processor is interesting but there is less chance in being right about that.  Given that the iPad 2 will involve a specification bump, it is reasonable to speculate that this will involve a new processor.  However, the A5 may very well not arrive until the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are released and we may well see an A4 at a higher clock speed.

Engadget rock. But pride, fall and all that.


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  • http://appleslut.com Apple Slut

    I still have hope the iPad 2 will ship with the higher resolution (not as high as iPhone) display. If it does, and only then, will I actually fork over the cash for my first iPad. Buying the iPhone 4 set the standard for all displays. I just can’t bring myself to buy a new device unless the display is high res. I’m not going back to VHS tapes, or rotary telephones – and I’ll never go back to a 72dpi screen.