MacBook Pro Stocks Tightening In Asian Apple Stores

Reports of recent supply shortages of various MacBook Pro configurations in Apple resellers and third party retailers have prompted rumors to circulate of a potential refresh of the MacBook Pro line. Now, one AppleBitch reader has tipped us that supplies have started to get extremely tight in Apple Online Stores as well, particularly those in Asia and Australia.

Apparently websites for Apple Stores in several Asian countries have been updated today to reflect longer shipping times for the MacBook Pro.  For example, the Malaysian Apple Store updated its website today to show that shipping times for the 13 inch MacBook Pro have slipped from 24 hours to 1-5 days.  This is also reflected in other countries such as Hong Kong, Vietnam and Taiwan.

A refreshed MacBook Pro has been expected to be announced any day now with high expectations for dramatic changes to the line.  Many improvements have been suggested such as decreased weight and size, incorporation of SSD storage as standard and even the removal of the optical drive in favor of increased battery life or hybrid/SSD modules.  The new line is also expected to incorporate the latest Sandy Bridge processors which were apparently delayed by engineering problems.

While one blog had suggested that the new MacBook Pro models would be released on March 1st, no official announcements have yet been made.  It is also worth noting that supplies in the US Apple Store still appear to be relatively healthy with no changes to the 24 hour shipping times.  However, the changes to the Apple Stores in Asian countries could be just the beginning…

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