Rumor: New MacBook Pro To Arrive On March 1st?

The new and highly anticipated revision of the MacBook Pro is rumored to be released on March 1st, 201, according to the latest speculation from blogger (via MacRumors.  As pointed out in the report, however, there tends to be a fair amount of speculation when revisions to new Apple products are due to appear so this date could be erroneous.  The evidence for the March 1st date comes from Danish Apple resellers who are expecting shipments of the new MacBook Pros on March 1st.

While the MacBook Pro last received a significant refresh in April 2010, it is not clear yet if Apple will be going in a new direction with its professional level laptop and releasing a new design rather than a spec bump.  We have noted that the new MacBook Pro will likely forgo hard drives in favor of the solid state drives (SSD) as seen on the new MacBook Air.  While this would likely result in a cost increase in the higher end models given the cost of 512GB solid state storage, there are other tactics that Apple could use in order to maintain professional level storage and functionality.

Some have speculated that the MacBook Pro would be similar to the MacBook Air in that the optical drive would be removed to save on weight and space and perhaps to allow dual hard drive / SSD storage.  Apple certainly has no qualms about removing optical drives given the cost and size of flash memory stick storage and it certainly does seem the most appropriate thing to do (especially given that those who desperately want a DVD drive can always use an external device).

In addition to the major design and storage changes we have speculated on, expect the usual jump in processor power and speed, with the new models likely utilizing the latest Sandy Bridge microarchitecture from Intel.

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  • Ngor Lymeng

    What is differance? I really want to see picture of new macbook pro.

  • Print

    I am looking for a new Mac pro, replace my old laptop. Does anyone know what is the different with the latest model before. I don’t think it will come with SSD with all model line-up. And CPU processor might start from i3. Some rumor said it will come with black color, I can’t wait to see it.

  • Yes

    The screen on the 13″ needs an upgrade to 1440×900 like the Air

    The 15″ better have 1680×1050 become standard, and offer 1920×1200 as an option.

    The 17″ should stay 1920×1200, unless they can convince their LCD manufacturer to come up with something higher, such as 2048×1280

  • Canadian rugby fans heading to 2011 RWC in NZ

    I have been following the MBP 2011 release with much anticipation. I am eager to see what they actually do, since there are so many speculations. I am traveling to New Zealand in the fall and want a new MacBook Pro to carry along for video edits as well as photo edits and internet communications with back home.

    I like the idea of the format moving towards the “Air” design and flash type hard drives. Unfortunate about the Intel chip problems though… wait wait wait *sigh*

  • Nick

    Love following your updates! Do you have a link to the speculation of the Dutch March 1st sell-date?

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is the difference between a solid state drive and a hard drive?


    • Chris

      Dutch link is in article above.
      SSD –

    • Lei

      solid state drives are a lot faster and very low heat output due to no moving parts, they also use less energy. Atm intel makes the most stable ssd on the market.