Rumor: iPod Classic Stock Low, Updated Or Discontinued Soon? (Updated)

We’ve had a tip that the shipping times for the iPod Classic have slipped in the past week and that the device is backordered or out of stock in several retailers, suggesting that a new version of the popular media player may be on its way. The Apple Store shows that the silver iPod Classic now ships in 1-3 days, down from 24 hours last week. In addition, Best Buy has updated their website to say that the device is backordered for 1-2 weeks (last week it was shipped in 1 day) and Target also has it backordered for 2-4 weeks. Currently the shortage only seems to be affecting the silver colored model, the dark colored version appears relatively unaffected.

The iPod Classic was last updated in September 2009(via MacRumors) and was expected to be refreshed at the September 2010 Apple event, but a new version did not appear.  Many people have recently pointed to Toshiba’s new line of 1.8″ hard drives, released near the end of January, as being potential candidates for inclusion in the next version of the iPod Classic, allowing the capacity to be bumped from 160GB up to 220GB. 

It is worth noting however, that in the past few years, Apple has concentrated on using flash memory for many of its mobile devices and, with the launch of the new MacBook Air, appears to be moving away from hard drives in its laptops.  It is unclear if the iPod Classic even has a place in future Apple lineups which could explain why the device hasn’t been updated in almost a year and a half.  The iPhone 5 is anticipated to have a bump in flash storage, potentially up to 64GB to match the current generation iPod Touch so Apple may even choose to discontinue the iPod Classic in favor of supporting the iPod Touch, the next generation of which will potentially be bumped to 128GB.

UPDATE: shipping times are 2-4 weeks, Apple Reseller J & R are completely out of stock.

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  • Scott Simmons

    The iPod Classic is still a great player for music lovers with large music libraries who do not want to be dependent on wireless/cellular service to listen to their music.  I have the 120gb version and it’s completely full.  I’ve been waiting for Apple to decide to do something cool with the device before upgrading.  If they cancel the line, I will probably have to switch to google music when my iPod finally quits, since they give you 20,000 songs for free (not enough for my whole library, but better than any flash player).  After all, I see no reason to pay $25/yr for iTunes Match.

  • Robin

    I have been using the Ipod Classic 160GB (2009 model) for the last 12 months. I’m very sad If Apple discontinues the Classic. Despite lack of innovations, the Ipod classic has to be on the line. before the Classic, I had used the Touch 2nd gen, really, I love my classic rather than the touch. Ipod classic is the best Ipod I’ve ever had

  • Rich

    Just went through a tortuous process at 2 different Best Buys stores. Couldn’t order it online, stores offered no information as to availability. Call the toll free number and placed and order; was told the black model was now discontinued but the silver was still available.

  • Ed

    Well, I’ve been thinking about getting a classic too, and well I also found it interesting that I actually went down to a local store (in Singapore), Harvey Norman, and asked if they still had stocks for the classic, cause I was about to just get it (kinda on impulse), and they said they had no more stock, and are no longer going to ship them in anymore.

    I’m not too sure what that meant, and if it applies to all other Harvey Norman outlets in my homeland or any other electronics shop or apple resellers, but maybe apple just told them to tell us that for now, to keep it a secret or something, but who knows? It could be that they are really being honest about the fact that they aren’t gonna bring anymore classics =( But then again, I have no idea.

    Either way, I might just go ahead get myself one, cause I might not want to wait any longer (all my other mp3 alternatives are too small for my music library, and aren’t working properly anymore =/), and well, I’m not too good with speculating stuff =x

  • SilverZero

    Interesting. I just purchased a refurb 160gb from Apple, it shipped within a few hours (from China) and is in transit right now. also says new Classics ship within 24 hours as of today (March 6). It’s still a long time until September, when I expect Apple will either introduce a new Classic or the death of the line. Either way, it’s far enough out that I felt okay about buying one now instead of waiting for a price drop due to either the discontinuation or the upgrading of the line. I hope it’s the latter. There is still a need for high-capacity players that don’t cost $500. Hard drives are still more reliable than flash memory in the long run, although I still have to laugh at people who take their HD-based players out for a run or to the ski slopes.

  • Ennev

    Let’s just hope that it’s only indicative on an upgrade. The classic would really be missed.