Rumor: Apple WWDC 2011 Scheduled For June 5th To June 9th

Apple will apparently be holding their WWDC from June 5th to June 9th 2011, if the calendar of the Moscone Center is anything to go by. The Moscone, favored venue for the WWDC for the past few years has just updated its events schedule to include a Corporate Meeting from the 5th – 9th June, terminology that is commonly used when referring to Apple bookings at external venues.  The dates fit in well with the leaked dates of upcoming WWDC meetings which were posted early last year.

It is also interesting to note that there are two other Corporate Meetings / Events on the schedule which may or may not represent Apple meetings.  We previously reported that the first is on May 10th-11th and the second is June 22nd-23rd.  While these are not confirmed to be Apple events, the fact that they are the only bookings referred to as Corporate Meetings suggests that the Center has been booked by Apple.

Speculation as to the reason for these bookings will probably center upon the launch dates for the iPad 2 and iPhone 5.  With the iPad 2 expected to make an appearance in the first quarter of this year, the May meeting date may be a little late in the year to be attributed to that.  However, Apple has traditionally announced the new iPhone models at the WWDC so it is a relatively safe bet that the iPhone 5 announcement will occur around that time.

Other bits of Apple hardware are due for upgrades or refreshes soon such as the Mac mini, iMac and MacBook Pro.  However, the most likely piece of hardware to be updated next will be the MacBook, which will be dramatically revamped according to our predictions.

UPDATE: Reader Daniel suggests that the booking on 10th-11th May is Google, not Apple.

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  • anjali

    i am waiting for the wwdc 2012 hope to see much more that time….

  • Jonathan Hoyle

    Problem with these dates is that WWDC is a Monday through Friday conference, whereas June 5, 2011 is a Sunday, and June 9 is a Thursday. I am going to guess this should have read June 6-10, 2011.

  • pickup games

    Hopefully they’ll release Macbook Air 2 at WWDC =)

  • Verne

    I dont think Apple is going to come out with iphone 5 this soon. Next iphone need to be 4G with Facetime without needing wifi, faster speed and some more flexibility like Android phones. For the price it has to be almost twice as better than iphone 4 for the fans to buy it (atleast me). I would predict it to come out in the later half of year, probably in September or October, if at all this year !!!!

  • Daniel

    May 10th-11th is Google IO.