Rumor: New Model Of Mac Mini To Be Released Soon?

Rumor: The Mac mini may be in line for an update soon, as supplies as the Best Buy website has been updated to say that supplies are on backorder, which can sometimes indicate that a new model is about to be released. The Mac mini was last updated in mid-June 2010 which was just over seven months ago.  Previously, the time interval between refreshed models of the Mac mini was eight months, suggesting that an update could be imminent.  A quick check of the Best Buy website shows that the Mac mini is on backorder for 1-2 weeks but is still available in most retail stores.  Additionally, the Apple Store does not show any shortages and neither does Amazon.

Apple recently ceased selling the XServe server and has not yet offered a strategy for replacing the rack mounted servers.  Apple has put a webpage in place touting the usefulness of the Mac mini as a server solution for small businesses and a refresh may result in one or two extra models of the mini designed to be used as a small scale server solution.

A refresh of the Mac mini may result in the inclusion of SSD storage, as has been the trend recently with Apple implementing solid state storage in the new MacBook Air. The loss of the optical drive could also be an option and we may even see a new Mac mini that doesn’t appear to be too far away in appearance from the second generation Apple TV.

Some sites have previously predicted the death of the Mac mini but the smallest of Apple’s desktop computer line up still seems to be going strong.  Perhaps this stock shortage will induce another round of Mark Twain-like predictions of morbidity.  For the entertainment value, one can only hope.

If You Ain’t Dead Yet Then

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  • Tgffghhh

    I look fad for Mac mini new version

  • CA

    BLU RAY was dead on arrival. The technology is already outdated. Apple is smart to not waste there money. Everything is going to be sold digitally online in the next 10 years. Stores like Best Buy will stop selling music first, followed by movies and computer software.

    • Kev

      All ‘digital content services’ music, tv, video, books, training, movies etc etc are being delivered on demand via the net. Users and user interfaces will decide which businesses prosper.

  • simweb

    NVIDIA GEFORCE, GEFORCE and nothing else than GEFORCE in a Mac Mini or for that matter in any Mac computer!!!

    Intel and ATI graphics cards sucks big time!

    The “Mercury Playback Engine” in
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
    and acceleration also in Adobe After Effects CS5
    only works with NVIDIA graphics card
    with its CUDA cores.

    For those who don’t know what is,
    it is strong GPU accelerated playback
    editing with HD videos in REALTIME
    no rendering nessesary!!!
    …Yes its true
    ATI and INTEL has not gone that far yet.
    Properbly never will!

    more info:


  • ben marcus

    I hope they’ll use sandy bridge or AMD fusion. I can finally replace my old windows machine.

  • rated

    usb 3.0? com’on!!! thunderbolt has arrive….!!!

  • po

    Don’t remove the optical drive omg! In fact, I would like to see there a Bluray.
    And USB 3.0 and OpenGL 4 omg…

    • Ram

      I would like to see there a Bluray, as well! It does show difference watching at home compared to streaming online!

  • fobu

    I hope Apple could use AMD Fusion for the new models.