Apple Increases Anticipated Verizon iPhone Shipments For Spring 2011

Apple is expected to ship between 20-21 million iPhone units in Q1 2011, a number which includes approximately 5 to 6 million CDMA Verizon compatible iPhones, according to Digitimes. If true, these shipment goals also lend support to rumors that Apple is preparing to launch an iPhone on the Verizon network sometime in Spring 2011.

The rumors of a Verizon iPhone have been circulating for a long time but as the hypothesized release date approaches, more and more stories similar to this appear, providing indications that a Verizon iPhone is moving from the realms of rumor to a hotly anticipated product.

Verizon is expected to make some sort of comment on the iPhone 4 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) keynote on January 6th (co-incidentally the same day that the new Mac App Store will open for business), but don’t look for it to be announced by Verizon on that day.  As the Verizon CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, has already said, any announcement on the Verizon iPhone will come from Apple and, unfortunately, Apple is not going to be making an appearance at the CES.

Look for a February Apple event for the announcement, simply to avoid the 30 day return period for AT&T iPhones purchased for Christmas.  A release date for the white iPhone 4 may also be announced at this time for extra impact.

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  • don

    It’s already built into the stock price.

  • martyB

    The only reason why the iphone doesn’t have an even greater market share is because of AT&T. There are two types of smart phone users…those who have the iphone and those who won’t switch to AT&T. I can’t wait until Verizon gets the phone, my Apple stock is going to shoot through the roof!!!!

    • tpc

      that pretty much sums it up marty