Apple To Release Redesigned MacBook Pro And iMac Early 2011

It is being reported that Apple is in the process of updating the iMac and MacBook Pro lines with a view to launching redesigned models in the first half of 2011. Digitimes is suggesting that the new MacBook Pro models will have a form factor that is similar to the current new MacBook Air whereas new versions of the iMac will be launched with a new screen size and reduced prices.

The current model MacBook Pro was last revised in April of this year whereas the iMac was updated mid-2010.  It is suggested that the MacBook Pro will launch with four new models, perhaps in a range of 11-17 inch screen sizes or 2-3 screen sizes but with a greater range of specifications.

The most likely change in both models will be the addition of SSD storage, reflecting Apple’s new trend set by the MacBook Air.  The performance enhancements seen when using SSD are phenomenal and consumers will eager to get their hands on models with this type of storage.  However, given the current cost of SSD storage, it is likely that the iMac will continue to offer dual SSD/HD storage but at a reduced price.

Several rumors have floated around over the past few months indicating that Apple is considering touch sensitive screens and pivoting displays in their desktop computers but it’s not clear if the company would go down that road so soon.  One potential feature that is more likely is the inclusion of the new Intel Sandy Bridge processor microarchitecture which, as we talked about yesterday, would preclude the addition of USB 3.0 in Macs.

Regarding the MacBook Pro, it is likely that we will see a design with much more similarity to the MacBook Air but with a slightly thicker base, silver edge around the screen and improved battery.  We may see an Intel Core i5 added into the base models and Apple may even drop the white polycarbonate MacBook from their line-up, instead replacing it with an aluminium unibody base model MacBook Pro.

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  • Ted

    “iMac has not been updated since October 2009″

    Didn’t last Summer’s update count? You know, the one with the i3 replacing C2D in low-end iMacs, the SSD second drive option, etc.?

    • AppleBitch

      Absolutely right – corrected

  • Morten Thorpe

    If Apple is serious about gettting SSD disks mainstream, then they’d better be using somethng faster than Samsungs… Check all ratings and reviews of the MacBookAir vs. a Crucial RealSSD, or SandForce SSD disk, and you’ll soon see how bad the Apple/Samsung SSD’s are – Half to a third of the speed reached by other SSD’s offered. Apples prices for the Samsung are also outrageous, so consumers should buy a minimum-configured Apple Mac, and separately buy the SSD disk from another manufacturer.

    • Craig Tompkins

      Apple actually uses Toshiba SSDs now in their products. Both the Airs and Pros are shipped with them now. Not sure when the change was made,but they perform better and do not degrade to the dramatic effect on the Samsungs.