Google Voice Is Updated For iPad And iPod Touch (The Answer Is Still ‘No’)

Google has updated their useful Google Voice app to include support for the iPad and iPod Touch, together with fixing bugs and stability issues on the iPhone. The question that many people will ask first off is “Can I use Google Voice to make telephone calls with my iPad” and the answer you have all been waiting for is “nope”.

You can however, use the new Click2Call function whereby you can use your iPad as a remote control to dial a number from a telephonic device should you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to press a button on said telephonic device.  Perhaps if you were sitting in the bath with your iPad, and we know some people are that daft, and wish to make a phonecall, yet your iPhone is more than an arms length away from you.  You could use Google Voice on your iPad to place the call and automatically activate your iPhone.  Of course, you wouldn’t be able to hear the other person because you’d have to turn on the iPhone speaker etc etc.

But aside from the inability to make VoIP calls from your iPad and iPod Touch, the app is still excellent and, among other things, allows you to send free texts as well as giving you access to all the other functions of Google Voice.  The update also enables the ability to toggle a do-not-disturb setting which we think would be fairly useful.

The Google Voice app is available now on the App Store (there is no dedicated ‘+’ version for iPad, it is simply compatible with it).  Grab it now.

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