iPad 2 To Start Shipping In February 2011

The second generation iPad is rumored to begin shipping by February 2011 from Foxconn, the primary manufacturer for the iPad 2 and iPhone 5.  According to Digitimes, Apple is dictating the shipping schedule according to firmware availability and is preparing to run down it’s current inventory of the first generation iPad.

The February 2011 shipping date does not necessarily mean that this will be the date that the iPad 2 will be available to consumers.  The iPad was originally introduced at the end of January 2010 but was not available until April 2010.  The iPad 2 may be announced at the traditional Apple event  in January 2011 but may not make a retail appearance until a couple of months after that date.

The new iPad is rumored to have several new features that distinguish it from the previous generation, such as increased RAM and storage capacity, dual cameras for FaceTime functionality, improved screen quality and lighter construction.

Given that the first generation iPad was released less than a year ago, it may be optimistic to hope for too many dramatic changes in the technology and components used to construct the iPad 2.  The first generation device is already a game changer and it is likely that the iPad 2 will simply offer small improvements rather than big changes.

Of course, it will still end up being the best tablet available.

Big changes abound if you
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  • http://xbuzz.com Chris

    A rear-facing camera seems a bit strange. Who is going to walk around pull an iPad out of there bag and snap a picture? Perhaps video, but it still seems a bit awkward.

    • http://www.applebitch.com AppleBitch

      Agreed Chris, it probably would be a little weird. Perhaps if the new design offers a thinner profile and lighter weight then it may be easier to wield but there could be other uses for a rear camera…