Mac App Store Launches Mid-December

The Mac App Store will open for business a little earlier than expected with a launch date on or around December 13th, reports AppleTell (via MacRumors).  While not an official confirmation from Apple, the insider source who supplied the information indicated that Apple was trying to get the App Store launched as quickly as possible, aiming to have it ready by the 6th December.

The new App Store is aiming to be a one stop shop for the bulk of users requiring software for their Mac, although it will only supply finished retail versions rather than betas or demos (which is terribly sad, because that’s very often where the good stuff is).  However, if Apple want the Mac to occupy the same market share of personal computers as the iPhone commands in the smartphone market, then launching an App Store is the smartest way to go about it. 

There is no word yet on the pricing of the apps on the Store, but this will be a key point in terms of user uptake.  Let’s hope it doesn’t follow the pricing plan on the Apple Store; for example, the game Quake 4 for Mac OS X is currently $17.77 on  On the Apple Store it is a whopping $49.95.  Anyone see the discrepancy here?

Apple, and Mac App Store developers need to make sure that they price competitively, in the vein of the iOS App Store in order to drive interest and user uptake. 

Seriously.  $49.95 for Quake 4?

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