iTunes Announcement Tomorrow; Apparently Unforgettable

Tomomorrow will be an unforgettable day in iTunes world as Apple has posted a note on their home page asking people to check back at 10am EST for an exciting announcement. Three guesses on what it’s going to be, but the smart money is on the launch of a cloud-based streaming service for iTunes.

Cloud streamed music from Apple has been rumored for a long time, especially as the launch of the new data center approaches. The new service could be in the form of a free, ad-supported, format or a subscription based model where users could pay a set amount each month for unlimited streaming.

Other potential topics could include announcing a complete revamp of iTunes but this is pretty unlikely (although ridiculously necessary as iTunes now deals with TV shows, movies and books).  The imminent launch of iOS 4.2 is also around the corner but that is more relevant to mobile devices rather than iTunes which quietly received an update to version 10.1 a few days ago.

Make sure you don’t forget.

Update:  Gotta be The Beatles on iTunes at last…..surely.

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