Apple TV Not On Amazon’s Wish List

We know that everybody is fighting for market share but this just seems plain mean. Apparently, the new Apple TV is not appearing on Amazon’s bestseller list of the top 100 electronics items, despite them selling like every other Apple product – hotcakes. Business Insider has even gone as far as to ask for an official comment on the matter from Amazon (via 9to5Mac).

Taking a look at the Top 100 list, this seems like an incredibly strange omission given that the vast majority of Apple’s top selling products like the new iPod line and Magic Mouse appear on it.  Is there some reason that the Apple TV doesn’t qualify?

Rather than being a huge conspiracy, is it possible that there has been some sort of technical oversight when compiling the list.  Well, you could say so, but then again, you have to bear in mind that Amazon offers the popular Amazon On Demand service, essentially a competitor for the Apple TV.

While the Apple Online Store doesn’t display a Top Selling item list on it’s site any more, conspiracy theorists will be waiting for Amazon’s reply on the matter.  In the meantime, content your self with the fact that, after looking at the iPad on Amazon, 12% of people buy the Kindle.

It’s a shame that Amazon are choosing not to display the same statistic for the Kindle (wink, wink)

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