Apple Policy On Dead Pixels Leaked

A leaked screenshot courtesy of Boy Genius Report apparently shows Apple’s recently-updated policy on dead pixels in their device displays. The screenshot seems to indicate that there is a threshold of faulty pixels on a screen that must be breached before Apple will deem the display faulty and replace it.

Luckily on iPhones, this threshold is zero, so even one faulty pixel, either light or dark, in your iPhone display merits replacement under warranty. However, and here’s where it gets a bit irritating, you can have 2 guff pixels in your iPad and will have to live with it. And check out the policy on 27 inch iMacs… users with up to 15 combined dead pixels will be out of luck.

However, Apple is a company of values, so closer reading of the policy indicates that it is unlikely you will be held to this strict standard. Essentially, if you are unhappy with your purchase, the Geniuses at the Apple Store can normally sort things out for you.

So, what does this actually mean for consumers? Well, comparatively, this policy isn’t too strict.  Imagine having purchased an pristine new 27 inch iMac that has a dead spot of around 5 black pixels on the screen.  Under this policy, the display is not guaranteed to be replaceable with a pristine new product.  Apple can replace it but would explain to the customer that the new system could have ‘anomalies’ that the customer is then stuck with i.e. no further replacements would be allowed.  So, it’s essentially a gamble.  Stick with your old system and tolerate the dead pixels or get one replacement and hope that it doesn’t have any ‘anomalies’.

So, in that respect, the policy isn’t too bad. Because of Apple’s high manufacturing standard, you have a very low chance of getting a display with a duff pixel or two.  And if you exchange it, then there is only a tiny chance that the new display will be guff too.  So, go and get that 27 inch.

Image via BGR.

No dead pixels here…
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  • Apple sucks

    Apple keeps putting out defective products. It’s the new Steve Jobs trend. I think it’s the beginning of the end

    • Apple Bitch

      Rather an extremist view, wouldn’t you say? Given that Apple is consistently a world leader in consumer satisfaction, I can’t help feeling that you can bugger off.