Apple Offers Longer iTunes Song Previews

Apple is extending the length of the song preview it offers in iTunes from 30 seconds up to 90 seconds.  The changes, effective only for tracks that are longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds, was announced in e-mails sent to music labels on Tuesday (via AppleInsider).

While the change simply means that users have longer to listen to a song before they decide to purchase, it unfortunately doesn’t shed any light on Apple’s future plans for the cloud streaming of full length music tracks.  However, extending the preview length will no doubt entice more people to purchase (we’ve always found the 30 second preview a little mean – especially when iTunes sometimes picks a really random segment of the track).

However, it is unclear if the length increase will impact international customers, as Apple is currently only making the change to iTunes accounts in the United States.

With the music streaming service, Spotify, trying to make a headway into the US market, this change is clearly a response from Apple to keep iTunes at the forefront of the downloadable media market.

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