New Trojan Virus Can Infect Apple Mac OSX Systems

A new Java-based Trojan horse has emerged which can infect computers running Apple OSX software. The Trojan activates a Java applet which downloads an installer when users click on a link that says “Is this you in this video?”

The link can now be found on several social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

Two security firms have posted bulletins on the Trojan with SecureMac stating that the worm is a critical threat whereas Intego are taking a more conservative approach by saying that there is a low risk at the moment but that it could escalate in the future.

You can find the security bulletins describing the Trojan via SecureMac and Intego.

In the meantime, do not click on any link with the text described above (even if you use a Windows PC as the new Trojan is a cross-platform worm).  If you do or suspect that you are infected then SecureMac has issued a tool that you can use to remove the Trojan.

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  • El-TaCO

    Everyone should use security software to avoid spreading viruses even if they are using operating systems that are not affected by the specific trojan or virus. Help stop the crap, use protection.

  • Windows 7 powerd

    Macs are NOT immune to viruses!!!!!!!! Its just that hackers dont make viruses for the so called complex mac os. It is a tad more difficult to make a virus for a mac but it all comes down to this single factor. Create a virus that is going to hit 20% of the population or make a virus that is going to hit 80% of the population? (My numbers are just a representation i dont know the true numbers) Common sense says hit the 80% of pc owners. A mac guy friend of mine told me to look at it this way. Take a sentence, It should have a period at the end. Right? Yes. Macs put a period at the end of there processes. And pcs dont. They just keep having run on processes. (just figuratively speaking of course). So a mac virus has to squeeze into the end of the sentence and a pc virus can just pop right in there without any problems. And i kinda believe that but really, there is only a few ways to get a virus, opening a bad email, downloading a bad file or just clicking on something on the internet that you know you shouldn’t be clicking on. Ever since i whipped my computer and started with windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, I have never ever had a virus (mostly because kaspersky catches it before it dose any damage) but if i was not downloading, there would have been NO way for that virus to even infect.

  • Apple sucks

    I’m able to see all of the files on any Mac on campus. It’s a total joke. Luck for them I’m not Black Hat.