Exclusive: Apple iWork ’11 Not Coming Soon, iWork ’09 Available Again

The Apple productivity suite iWork ’11 is not going to make an appearance in the near future, based on stock levels of the existing iWork ’09 suite, AppleBitch has discovered.

While the new iWork ’11 had been almost guaranteed to appear at the Apple event on October 20th, the fact that it didn’t materialize came as a huge surprise.

Like…a smack in the face by your grandmother kind of surprise.

The rumors of the new iWork package had surfaced when it was discovered that Best Buy had both iWork ’09 and iLife ’09 on backorder, as reported by the excellent folks over at 9to5Mac. We had thought that they would release it in response to Microsoft releasing Office 2011 for Mac.  However, AppleBitch.com discovered today that iWork ’09 stocks are now readily available again with Best Buy able to supply it within 1 business day

Of course, the other eagerly awaited package, iLife ’11, was launched at the Apple event on 20th October.

While this doesn’t give concrete evidence that Apple will not be shipping the iWork ’11 package in the near future (a no-show at a recent Apple event pretty much screams that), it indicates that it will be at least a while before it makes an appearance.

Sad but true.

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  • http://www.AccordionNoir.org Bruce Triggs

    Good one, I forgot to include the post:


    “On a lark, I ran a search for iWork ’11 on Amazon. It returned a book that is available for pre-order by Steve Sande. The projected release date is April 17th, 2011.”

    • http://www.applebitch.com Apple Bitch

      Steve Sande appears to blog for TUAW so I’m pretty sure they would have posted the release date of iWork ’11 if they had known about it.
      Thanks for the info though.

  • http://www.AccordionNoir.org Bruce Triggs

    Did you see this post about an April 2011 date listed on Amazon?

    Seems possible. Maybe it wasn’t quite ready…

    If they finally add decent audio capability to Keynote, I’ll buy in a second for my music history lectures.

  • Tom Straus

    Perhaps Apple is saving iWork ’11 to be the first apps available for download when they open the new app store for Macs.

    • http://www.applebitch.com Apple Bitch

      Hi Tom,
      That’s certainly a good idea – I hadn’t thought about that one.

  • http://www.applebitch.com Apple Bitch

    Hi Kyle,
    Thanks for the info. Please have a look now and the issue should be fixed on mobile browsers.

  • Ben

    How exactly is this an ‘exclusive’? This post is simply a summary of recent events and market information. Misleading and silly.

    • http://www.applebitch.com Apple Bitch

      Hi Ben. Exclusive in the sense that we are the first Apple news & opinions site to report it.
      Don’t like it? Bugger off.

      • Fatty

        Haha, nice one. Finally a site that tells things like it is. Like you said, “Don’t like it? Bugger off.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.