Newspaper Subscription Plans For iPad Coming Soon

Rumors abound today that Apple is on the verge of announcing subscription plans for several popular daily newspapers through the App Store rather than purchasing them through apps from third party vendors.  Apple will apparently take a large cut, both from the subscription fee and the advertising revenue.

So what does this mean for iPad users?  Well, it really all depends on several factors including pricing and quality of content.  If the price is right then this will be a great addition for iPad users.  We’ve talked previously about how magazine and news providers are screwing readers and charging over the odds for their content and, as a result, users simply don’t want to pay for it.  If the deal with Apple gives consumers what they want and at the right price then it’ll be very successful.

Lets hope the quality is up to scratch. Using National Geographic magazine as an example (a very popular app on the App Store), users have complained that, although they are paying for the content, they are simply getting scanned versions of the magazine that are very low quality and don’t do justice to the pristine presentation of the magazine version.  However, I wouldn’t expect this to be an issue with subscription plans through the App Store as Apple is focused on quality and will hopefully ensure that news providers meet customers expectations.

Bring it Rupert Murdoch. Come on. Just bring it.

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