FaceTime and iLife ’11 May Be Coming To A Mac Near You

There have been reports that Facetime may be coming to Mac OSX. The suggestion, by Mac4Ever indicates that an update to iChat may be issued in the future and that FaceTime would be integrated into the program.  This would enable iPhone 4 users to have FaceTime conversations with people using Mac computers, presumably using the iSight camera.

While this is an obvious path for Apple to take, it suggests that they are positioning FaceTime to be the primary method of mobile and desktop communication in the future (assuming Apple also releases a version for Windows PCs).  The implications of this addition to iChat would seriously impact upon Skype for the video call market share and could, potentially, involve integration of iAds.

In other news, Mac4Ever also suggests that iLife ’11 will shortly be released. This is a pretty well flogged rumor and, as MacRumors points out, the site already predicted this for an August 17th release (which was obviously not the case). The new iLife package also did not appear at the September 1st Apple event which could indicate that Apple may hold off on releasing it until the rumored event near Christmas where the white iPhone 4 is also expected to make an appearance.

Cool idea here.  If the mystery iLife program does end up being an app developer utility (unlikely since the App Store already has enough fart apps), this could tie in with the launch of the white iPhone 4.  Not likely though, given the white iPhone history, we should see a launch of the phone around iLife ’14.

And why is Apple still issuing mysterious updates to iLife ’09 if iLife ’11 is on the horizon?  Mysterious goings on, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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