Lots Of Things Missing From The Apple September 1st Event

While the Apple event on September 1st included a lot of new cool things (new iPods, iOS4.2 for iPad and the new Apple TV devices), it was also notable for the omission of several issues and features that Apple users were hoping for some news on.

First, the iPhone 4 was barely mentioned during the event, aside from a software update. This was unusual as the case program is ending on September 30th and Steve Jobs was expected to offer an update on the antenna issue. A revised iPhone 4 with some sort of non-conductive polymer over the antenna had been rumored, together with the announcement of a CDMA compatible iPhone, potentially destined for the Verizon network. Furthermore, the embattled white iPhone

which has faced numerous delays over its construction was not a topic of the presentation. None of these issues were even alluded to so users will face further wait times for the new devices.

Secondly, it had been rumored that iLife ’11 would make an appearance as iLife ’09 is long overdue an update. The new software had been rumored to incorporate a new unknown program, potentially software for designing iOS apps, but there was no sign of it at this event.

Finally, the big omission was the cloud-based iTunes service that had been widely discussed. While this was not unexpected, it appears that the service is in no shape or form to announced formally. It is likely however, that a major update to iTunes 10 will occur early next year, which will incorporate this service.

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