Rumors Of New Revisions To Apple Portable Devices Emerge

Apple will release new versions of the iPod, iPhone and iPad over the coming months, according to a ‘reliable source’, says iLounge.

The iPod will receive a refresh with three models available later his month or perhaps in September. There are no details on storage capacities but iLounge speculates that 1.7” and 3” touchscreens will be used in the new models.

The iPhone rumors are slightly more difficult to believe as iLounge suggests that a new 5th Generation iPhone will be released early next year, apparently due to the antenna issues. Although iLounge doesn’t mention it, the usual Verizon rumors have circulated the blogosphere yet again. Somehow, I don’t see this happening.

I find the iPad rumor the most interesting. Apparently a 7” iPad is being optimized at the moment but no further details are offered. I think this would be a gamechanger in the same way that the original iPad is looking more and more to be.

Have a look at the full article and take from it what you will.

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